Help N Hope House

Women Empowering Women

House Guidelines for Residents

  •  No use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Must attend 12 step meetings daily.
  • Resident must get and maintain a sponsor within the first 2 weeks of their stay.
  • Resident must agree to have Help N Hope stay in contact with their treatment centers, family members, court personnel, therapist/ case managers, or sober supports where appropriate, while residing at HNH.
  •  No stealing. This includes borrowing without prior consent.
  •  No gambling, nor pornography, and no property damage.
  •  No aggressive behavior, intimidation, ect.
  •  Respect others belongings and their space.
  • Must attend mandatory GI cleaning and house meeting every Sunday. No exceptions.
  •  No addictive medications, no controlled meds, no narcotics. No exceptions.
  •  No men on property.
  •  Must submit to breathalyzers and drugs screens.
  •  Daily chores must be completed by 9:45, or before leaving for work, school, or volunteering.
  •  Curfew is 10:00 PM Sun -  Thurs, and 11:00 PM on Fri and Sat. for the first 30 days. After 30 days curfew is reviewed, and if approved curfew will be extended to 11:00 weekly and 12:00 AM on weekends. After the next 30 day review if approved curfew will be extended to 11:30 weekly and 1:00 AM on weekends. The next review is 3/4 Status, which is 12:00 AM weekly and 2:00 AM weekends. Also at 3/4 status you can sleep of the property every other weekend with staff approval.
  •  If resident fails to arrive for curfew or fails to sleep at the property without a signed pass from HNH staff, Help N Hope House will consider that an act of "abandonment" and at that time the resident releases their right of possession to the unit that is being leased.
  •  No sex partners or boyfriends on the property at anytime.